The Lab

We are on a mission, a mission to move you. We believe that movement brings life to your body and we believe that to live your best life, you need to move in more ways than one. Our brand promise to you is that we will never settle and never stop striving for better ways to serve you. Our goal is to provide you with spaces, experiences and communities that will help you create a lifelong love of movement to truly thrive in your life. This is about quality over quantity-- most importantly quality of life.

The Lab

The Lab is a test kitchen for innovative cross training. We want you to train harder, train stronger and most importantly we want you to train smarter. With a focus on holistic training that complements cycling, our small class sizes allow us to cater to the deeper needs of our clients while providing you with workouts that will keep your body guessing and your mind challenged. No. There are no bikes.

The Vibe

This is a test kitchen. This is where we get to be students. Where we don’t have to know it all and don’t have to answer to it all. Where you can come as you are, from wherever you are - on any given day - and just be. From finding your strength to finding your stillness, from dropping to the beat to dropping your expectations, we’re here to move, we’re here to explore, and we’re here to thrive.

The Reason

Because movement is not about a size, it’s about living. Movement is life and we want to bring as much life to your body as possible. It’s about the sustained energy to play with your kids and the stamina to dance at your favorite concert and everything in between. It’s about feeling strong, connected, and whole.


The Lab is an extension of the BurnCycle brand and workout you love. This is a cross training studio designed to enhance your current fitness program. Between the two studios, you will have just one account. Already have a BurnCycle account? Great! That works for The Lab. Only have a Lab account? You can use that to purchase and book classes with BurnCycle! Don't have either? No problem. You can create your new account HERE. You can choose classes based on what best complements your current routine and what you need to survive and thrive. You will need to purchase a class before you can book. Your BurnCycle-specific classes are not transferable.

See our studio FAQ here.