Studio FAQ

I am a member at BurnCycle. Does my membership or class-pack work at The Lab?

The Lab is a separate cross training studio with classes designed to enhance your current fitness program and spin routine. However, your BurnCycle account will work for both The Lab and BurnCycle. If you do not already have an account at either studio, you can create that HERE to begin purchasing and signing up for classes.

**Your BurnCycle classes are not transferable for The Lab.

What is The Lab?

The Lab is a test kitchen for innovative cross training brought to you by the creators of BurnCycle. With a focus on holistic training that complements cycling, our small class sizes allow us to cater to the needs of our clients while providing you with workouts that will help you live a well-rounded lifestyle. No. There are no bikes.

How are The Lab class different from other fitness classes?

The Lab classes are small, carefully curated, and expertly designed to bring you the most intelligent workout the city of Portland has to offer. Each type of class we offer is beat-driven and targets different areas of fitness improvement, including conditioning, strength training, and mobility using high intensity interval training.

How is The Lab different than BurnCycle? Why should I try it?

The Lab is an extension of the BurnCycle brand and workout. Each class we offer is musically driven. This is a cross training studio with classes designed to complement and enhance your spin routine. That means no bikes! We will be working with weights, slam balls, TRX straps, resistance bands... you name it! We're here to train you to move your body in different ways so you can lead a more holistic, well-rounded fitness routine and life.

If you already have a BurnCycle account, your account will work at The Lab, too! You can sign up for and purchase classes using the same MindBody login information.

Are your classes for all levels? What if I can’t do everything?

Yes, our classes are designed for all levels. You’re not supposed to be able to do everything. That’s what we’re here for. Our instructors are trained to provide modifications to cater to the fitness levels of all clients. That said, we’ll push you to your edge-- no shortcuts here!

When can I sign up for classes?

The Lab class schedule will be released each Sunday at 5pm for Tuesday-Monday classes of that week.

Do you have locker rooms?

Yes. Our locker rooms are fully equipped with showers, towels, bath products, hair dryers... The works!

Can I take a class if I’m pregnant?

We have many pregnant clients and love seeing them, but we highly recommend you check with your healthcare provider for their advice before taking a class with us.

Do you provide childcare in the studio?

No, we do not provide childcare.

Is there an age requirement to take a class?

You must be sixteen years or older to take a class at The Lab. If you are under eighteen years old, we’ll need a parent or guardian to sign a consent form.

Do you rent The Lab space for special events?

Yes! The Lab is available to rent for special events such as corporate retreats, weddings, meetings, etc. Please email for more information.

I am an instructor and am interested in teaching a class at The Lab, who do I contact?

Please send a detailed email to along with your resume.