The Body Lab

Small Group Training

The BODY LAB is a whole body, high intensity interval training circuit-based class, targeting all major muscle groups, increasing your heart rate, and giving you that earned sweat we all crave each and every time. This is the ultimate personalized experience set around the importance of community to achieve personal growth through result-driven executions. Each Body Lab class is expertly programmed by our top trainers, and while we assure you that you will get an intense workout every time, no two workouts will be the same, building on the results-driven functional training program that we've found to be most successful.


Team Huddle

Because sometimes, you just need to be inspired and connect. With the rise of an on-demand workplace, constant screen time, and never-ending output, we want to take care of your input in all forms. The TEAM HUDDLE speaker series will provide a space for inspiration and allow people to connect through their stories. Keep an eye out for TEAM HUDDLE on our schedule.