A musically-driven strength training class with a focus on functional movements and drills that will help you become what we like to call #LeanJacked. All levels welcome.


The Hustle


A circuit-style class with a focus on endurance and performance drills. Think: It's like we finally made varsity: Team sport // A-Team vibes. All levels welcome.


The Throwdown


A HIIT cardio-boxing class focused on improving range of motion to improve mobility and endurance. We could tell you how good it feels to throw a proper punch. Or you could come see for yourself...

All levels welcome.

Glove Rental: $3


Top Shelf

Upper Body

Because nothings says premium like cut arms, chest, back and abs. Top Shelf is all about building that upper body strength.


Booty Lab

Legs, Booty, and Abs

Be a badass with a good ass. The Booty Lab is all about the lower body: those legs, booty, and abs.


Flow Lab

Yoga + Sculpt

Holy Vinyasa flow. Weights, abs and cardio throw downs-- All while getting your namaste on.


The Body Lab

Small Group Training

The BODY LAB is a 4-week program specifically catered group-by-group to ensure maximum results achieved. These individually designed small group training programs will include goal setting, personalized nutrition plans, and team workouts. The BODY LAB is team oriented in which you will rely on your small group training community to hold each other accountable and push each other to the edge. This is the ultimate personalized experience set around the importance of community to achieve personal growth through result-driven executions.


Rebel Hour

REBEL HOUR is a series of classes created and taught by the best instructors and trainers in Portland. These series are designed to integrate different styles of movement. This is our test kitchen. We’re always striving to innovate and deliver new ways to move your body to improve holistic health. From dedicated classes for your abs or your booty, to mindfulness and meditation, to hip hop and breakdancing, we’re going to find it all, we’re going to try it all, and we’re going to move together. Look for a new assortment of these classes monthly.


Team Huddle

Because sometimes, you just need to be inspired and connect. With the rise of an on-demand workplace, constant screen time, and never-ending output, we want to take care of your input in all forms. The TEAM HUDDLE speaker series will provide a space for inspiration and allow people to connect through their stories. Keep an eye out for TEAM HUDDLE on our schedule.