About Us

"This is about quality over quantity. And most importantly quality of life."

Jessi Duley, founder of BurnCycle, was fervently inspired to create something that was more than just a workout, something that was also an experience, something that brought people together and made them better - better people and better at life. In the five years it has taken to start and run BurnCycle, she has essentially been pregnant for three of them. Four years in a highly physical business and three highly demanding kids later, the importance of a more holistic wellness program became more than just apparent. It became a necessity.

Last year, she began a year-long community engagement project called BurnMVMT based on the idea that if she found something that helped her live holistically, she had a duty to provide that to her BurnCycle community.

The desire to create a movement-based ecosystem for our community to thrive in resulted in a new space called The Lab: a test kitchen for innovative cross training. Because the Burn brand holds itself to a fierce standard of excellence, we decided if we were going to do this, we would need to do it with the best. Marie Purvis, global master trainer and creator of Nike Training Club brings the depth of knowledge for fitness and training, perfectly pairing with Jessi’s love and experience with building culture and community. We are thrilled to bring this partnership to life with the hearts and MVMT of our Burn family and community. Thank you, Burn Army, for inspiring us to better serve you. Let the testing begin!